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Cookies and Crispies

How much do your cookies cost?

Is there cannabis in your cookies?

Do you have any baking experience?

What makes your cookies so awesome?

Are these Rice Crispy treats organic and healthy?

Why are my cookies different sizes?

How many can I order at one time?

Is there a minimum order?

Not completely satisfied with your cookies?

Do you offer vegan and or gluten free treats?


Will my cookies always be warm?

When will my cookies arrive?

Do you only deliver in Santa Rosa?

Is there a delivery charge?

Will you deliver to my house once a week, every week?

Can you just leave the cookies on my doorstep if I'm not home?

Did you receive the wrong order or was something missing from your order?

Will you ship cookies to another state or country?

Why do you only deliver a couple of days a week?


Do you bake cookies for weddings or parties?

How to Reach us

What is the fastest way to reach the Hella Bakers?

Have a question that doesn't require a super fast response?